Paige Brown Strong

Sumner County Commission District 6


August 5th


 July 16-31

Raised in what many know as "Number One" with family ties that span the county and two centuries, Paige Brown Strong is deeply connected to Sumner County.


Having seen first-hand its evolution over several decades, she has an appreciation for the history of the county, the natural amenities with which it is graced, and its people. Like many in the unincorporated area in which she grew up, she attended school in both Hendersonville and Gallatin, ultimately graduating from Gallatin High School. As an adult, she has also lived and owned homes in both communities.


Formerly a Sumner County resident who commuted daily to Nashville, Paige transitioned to a new career in 2006 that allowed her the luxury of working in Gallatin. 


"Years ago, the opportunities were so limited that I never even considered the possibility of working in my home community," says Paige. "Now I realize the value of having more jobs available locally.


As the Executive Director of the Gallatin Chamber of Commerce, she knows local opportunities for employment are not just about convenience.


"Local jobs are definitely a quality of life issue, but they also create a self-sustaining community," according to Paige. "It's a giant cause and effect circle - local employers increase tax revenues and job opportunities; their employees pay property taxes and use local goods and services; which in turn support existing amenities and attract new residents and business."


In her position with the Chamber of Commerce, she has revitalized a struggling organization, successfully increasing membership, improving programs and services and offering a better value to the business community. According to Paige, there is no job anywhere that could connect her better to the community.


"For the last 3 1/2 years I've had a constant dialogue with residents, newcomers, and businesses. I know what their concerns are, why they love the area and what their hopes are for the future."


In her community involvement, she also realized the substantial impact of local government and the need for more citizen involvement.


"There is a disconnect," says Paige. "People don't act until they are directly impacted - but I don't believe it's apathy. I think they are unaware - and the fault for that is universal."


It was in encouraging others to get involved that she decided to seek a seat on the County Commission. "I have a unique, yet sound, perspective because I interact with many entities in various capacities.  I believe in listening to people and working to gain a comprehensive understanding about issues."


Her experience as a corporate manager and her immersion in Sumner County as a Chamber of Commerce Director uniquely position Paige to bring new energy to the Sumner County Commission. Her education, background in journalism and natural curiosity make her someone who appreciates diverse opinions and seeks comprehensive understanding of issues about which people are passionate.


With a family legacy of many before her who have served the community in various ways, she is motivated to continue that commitment.  Paige is the great-granddaughter of Squire Brown, who served 34 years on the Sumner County Commission (then called the Sumner County Court), the niece of Juvenile Judge Barry Brown, the granddaughter of Ruth and Collins Brown (one of Gallatin's earliest developers) and daughter of Patricia (a retired teacher and principal) and Kenny Brown (a retired mortgage lender).


She is willing to do the work to effectively represent Sumner County's 6th district.


  • She believes that Sumner County has many great opportunities ahead for which it needs to be well-positioned. She knows what makes the County attractive to new residents and new business. She is committed to careful consideration of tax dollars, conserving where feasible while investing to create desirable growth, new revenue and improved quality of life.
  • She supports a pro-business environment that will bring more jobs to Sumner County, ultimately improving amenities, attracting residents, diversifying tax revenue, and keeping property taxes low.
  • She believes that good teachers make a good school system and that opportunity is a key motivator that drives students to reach their full academic potential.
  • She thinks the economic impact of Tourism and Retiree Attraction is unrealized in Sumner County and is a proponent of these pursuits.
  • She is passionate about her love for the lake and other natural resources that Sumner County is fortunate to have. She is committed to preserving, enhancing and marketing these natural amenities, as well as our historic sites, parks, greenways and other recreational areas.


Enable Paige Brown Strong to work for a prosperous future for you and the generations ahead.


  • Raised in Sumner County
  • Attended Sumner County Schools in Hendersonville & Gallatin
  • Graduate of Gallatin High School
  • B.S. Communications - Florida State University
    • Honors Graduate
    • Florida State Flying High Circus
    • Golden Key National Honor Society
    • Host of Florida State's 1800 Seconds
    • Campus Host
  • Former television reporter, anchor & producer
    • Executive Producer at NewsChannel 5 in Nashville
    • Member of Stations Leadership Team
    • Company Trainer
    • Landmark Communications Leadership Training
  • Executive Director of Gallatin Chamber of Commerce since 2006
    • Graduate of Institute of Organizational Management
    • 50% growth  of organization
    • Instrumental in Gallatin's free public Wi-Fi
    • Creation of new programs and events including a retail cooperative and Taste of Gallatin
    • Organized more than 3 thousand volunteers in the aftermath of the 2008 tornado
    • Implemented new communication and organization tools 
  • Sumner County Tourism Board
  • United Chambers of Sumner County
    • Helped create and organize new events including the Sumner Leads Exchange & the Sumner Expo
  • Long Range Planning Committee
  • Gallatin 2020 Plan
  • Sumner County 3-Star
  • Retire Tennessee  Committee
  • Gallatin EDA Advisory Council
  • P-16 Council
  • Former Board Member of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Middle Tennessee
    • First Connection Volunteer
    • Chair of Light the Night
    • Speaker for Man & Woman, Team in Training and other events
  • FDA (Food & Drug Administration) Patient and Consumer Representative

Phone: (615)975.9196 or 826.2724            Email:

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